So many heads, so few pikes.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bush Has Lost PA 

We drove today from our home just outside of Pittsburgh to Indiana, PA, 40-50 miles away to the northwest. Once we got onto PA state route 286, we decided to take a totally unscientific survey of presidential road signs from Monroeville (where we got onto 286) until Ellen's parents' house in Indiana. This is a pretty rural area. Lots of hunting and fishing to be done. This is some of the area that James Carville was referring to when he described Pennsylvania as "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and Alabama in between." This is, in short, Bush Country.

We counted multiple signs in one yard (or in one immediate area, such as a patch of public road near a country intersection) as one sign -- one person or family's approval of a given candidate.

Total signs: 31.
Bush/Cheney: 7 (22.5%)
Kerry/Edwards: 24 (77.5%)

And no, no Kerry - Specter signs, by the way.

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