So many heads, so few pikes.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Here we go. I've decided that I'm pissed.

I'm irritated about the war to the point that I'm considering taking part in public anti-war events, and frankly I'm not one prone to stand up and do that kind of thing. This thing is about two main issues.

(1) We're terrified of global terrorism, but our armed forces and our constitution are not set up to allow us to fight global terrorism effectively. So rather than engage in a fruitless global manhunt that will neither impress the TV-viewing, voting public, nor ultimately succeed, let's find a COUNTRY we can attack, because COUNTRIES can't run away and hide and release ebola eighteen months after we forget about them.

(2) Our entire economy depends on petroleum in ways that most Americans don't even realize. The longer I work in the chemical industry the better I understand that. The petroleum industry bought and paid for the presidency, don't let Wayne LaPierre's bullshit fool you. There are only a few major oil-producing regimes that don't rely completely on the US and don't suck up to us in whatever way is most effective: Russia (they have nukes); Venezuela (no, no, we didn't /actually/ support that coup, no, that wasn't US); and Iraq. Hey, great, let's take care of /one/ of them. I'll bet you a dollar that we'll see another attempt on Venezuela if GWB is re-elected.

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